Trying to sell your home at the same time as buying a new one can be a challenge that often seems impossible, as there are so many variables needed to make both processes perfectly align. Realistically, one will happen before the other. There aren’t many of us that are in a position to buy before we sell, but selling before you buy has many clear advantages.

Buying a new home can be a difficult time in itself, but naturally that process also has to run alongside selling your current home. For the majority of us, this means legal fees, stress and worry. Having to handle paperwork, research and deadlines for both processes around the same time can be eased by the structure of selling first.

Here at UK Home Buyers, we offer a proven and effective process to aid in quick house sale. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages of selling before you buy.

Have the Upper Hand

Once you’ve found your dream property, the last thing you’re going to want is to lose out whilst waiting for your buyer to complete the sale. Sellers themselves will always prefer a buyer who has the cash (and/or a mortgage agreement), so that the worry of whether or not the sale is going to go through is erased. With UK Home Buyers, you can erase that worry completely for both you and the current owner of your future home and sell property fast. In addition to that, you’ll also have the upper hand when it comes to sellers who want to move quickly, leaving more room for negotiation on the basis that you will already have the means to move forward.


When selling your house before buying a new one, one of the major advantages is that when the time does comes to buy, you will already be aware of exactly how much you have to spend moving forward with your new property. No guesswork or shortfalls, just everything you need to plan properly for your important next step. This means that you can avoid overspending and putting yourself into obscene debt if your home is overvalued and avoid underspending on your new home, if it is undervalued.

Move Quickly

There are clear advantages that come with the ability to move quickly. When selling first, you’ll be in full control of timing and you won’t be dependant on the sale of your home to snap up that dream property. With UK Home Buyers, fast house sale is our speciality, with the completion of our sales usually taking from 7 – 28 days, with extra flexibility always available. In the unfortunate event that your move is due to repossession threats, we can also help you sell property fast and stop any repossession proceedings.