1. National Motorcycle Museum

If you are an absolute enthusiast when it comes to motorcycles, this is the place you need to go.

The National Motorcycle Museum opened in 1984 by Roy Richards, with a collection of 350 vehicles.

Not only that the National Motorcycle Museum is one of the most recognised in the whole world when it comes to its British motorcycle group, but it is also one of the biggest events facilities in the UK.

It is a must see, motorcycle enthusiast or not, or either you are anywhere in the close area.

National Motorcycle Museum

National Motorcycle Museum 2nd image


2. Birmingham’s parks

Nature away from worries and stress, a place where the time spent keeps the rhythm of childhood.

Birmingham is the ideal location where you can find a broad range of everything you link to nature.

In the following lines will be presented some of the most pleasant and populated park and lakes.


2.1 Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park is one of the most popular park located in the city and runs along the River Rea.

It has received Green Flag status over the past few years. Which acknowledges the park as being on of the best green space in the country.

This park is a delight for nature lovers.

It has plenty of facilities, for adults and the little ones too.

You will find five tennis courts there and a mini golf course, plenty of picnicking spots and two children’s play areas.

When it comes to food and refreshments have no fear, there are a Garden Tea Rooms which is providing a vast selection.

It has plenty of routes and paths around which makes it easy to explore.

During the summer time, there are pedal boats and you can go along with your children out on the lake.

A brilliant park for a day out with lots of activities.


2.2 Russell Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8RD

Cannon Hill Park 1st image

Cannon Hill Park 2nd image


2.3 Lickey Hills Country Park

One of the most treasured parks from Birmingham. It offers many things to do. It is a place for having a Sunday family time, a place for peace, walking, cycling, school trips and many other.

It has an excellent education orientation. The Ranger Service work for a better understanding of the environment on many levels. You can also book a school session.



2.4 Walsall Arboretum

A Victorian park and is located very close from the town centre.

Many people enjoy this park and engage in the Weekly Free 5km Timed Run. Something nice, organised by volunteers. It’s cost free.

It is quite hard to imagine that something as beautiful as this park may be in the heart of a built up area.


2.5 Lichfield Street, Walsall, WS1 2AB



3. Town Hall Birmingham

The Town Hall was one of the first buildings of Roman architectural significance.

If you enjoy a good symphony, and if you want to see talent, this is a place to go.

On each year, the Town Hall welcomes through their Education & Community programme more than 500,000 people of all ages, all of them participating, learning or simply enjoying something about music.

You can attend to all sort of music events, from classical, Folk, Jazz and Blues.

It brings together the best from the best; it doesn’t matter if it is about music, comedy, dance, exhibitions, book signing, you can find everything you are interested in here.



4. Aston Hall

Aston Hall is a house in a Jacobean style which has been with us since the English Civil War time and it is surrounded by gardens.

The house it is opened to the public and you can get a charged guided tour. It is also open for an education programme. It has a shop and a tea room.

Also, every two years the house has a Christmas celebration named “Aston Hall by Candlelight”, and they lit up 500 candles.

A must see for history enthusiasts.



5. National Exhibition Centre (NEC)

An exhibition centre and it is the largest one in the UK.

The National Exhibition Centre hosts conferences, seminars, live events, business meetings, exhibitions which bring over 2 million visitors each year.

Whatever will take you there, you will have an exquisite time.



6. Broadway Casino

If you are a game lover, don’t miss the Broadway Casino. They have a vast choice of games.

Also, if you want to have an event there, this is an option as well. At the arrival, you will be welcomed with a drink and even the red carpet.

Also, it is a nice choice for New Year with live entertainment, glamorous guests and very thoughtful staff.



7. The Jewellery Quarter

A place where every woman will feel like home.

The quarter is a home to over 500 jewellery businesses. Was portrayed as being a “national treasure”.

Are you looking for an engagement ring? Or maybe for just something extra special? This medium will attract yours and everyone else eye! There is such a vast range from which you can choose that it will be hard not to get some extras.

Did you have in mind something personalised? Someone there will be able to actualize whatever your aspiration may be.

It is a must see. The quality mastery speaks for itself.



8. Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

If you love science, if you are the curious type and want to know how things work in real life, if you were that kid who opened the electronics from the house just to see how they were working this is a place made just for you.

You will find an impressive range of aircraft, trains, cars, steam engines.

The museum has four floors, each one with a theme, going from level 0 which is “The past”, through level 1 “The Balcony”, and level 2 “The present”, to the future, “The Future Gallery” level 3. Also, the museum has a planetarium as well, with 70 seats.



9. The Glee

If you want to have a fantastic night out you must go to this place. The Glee is an exclusive entertainment venue. It will have you laughing constantly, or crying depends on what you prefer.

You will be pleasantly surprised.