What to Do When Your House Isn’t Selling

When we put our homes on the market, we imagine that someone will be able to see it’s charms and make us an offer quickly. However, selling a home in the current market isn’t always that simple. On average, it takes 15 viewings to sell a house, but again this doesn’t give us a very reliable timescale for selling. If you live in a desirable area, you could get 15 viewings in a week, if you live in other postcodes, this could take months, so selling your house quickly is never guaranteed. If you have had your property listed online for a while and have found you’re either not getting viewings, or simply haven’t had the right offers, here are some steps you can take. Continue reading

I’m Moving Abroad – What Should I Do with My House?

Whether you’ve been given an amazing job offer or plan to retire somewhere sunny, moving abroad is a dream for many people. However, there’s a lot to sort out before you board the plane to your new home, and one thing that homeowners will need to think about is what to do with your house. Some people will want to sell their house and use the money, while others might be reluctant to take the plunge, so it’s important to think about your options. Continue reading

How To Sell Your Home Quickly before relocating overseas

Selling your home and moving abroad is a big step for anyone. You want to know that no matter how much you have spent on your home, you will get the most out of your property sale. Selling your home can be a time-consuming process and so many homeowners are happy to let their homes sit on the market for months and even years. But if you are looking to emigrate, you do not have that luxury. This is where UK Homebuyers can step in and selling your house quickly couldn’t be easier. As specialists in buying property, we offer the perfect solution. We can offer you cash for your home and even offer a seven-day house sale. Here is why you should enlist our help in selling your property when time is not on your side. Continue reading

Advantages of Quick House Sale Companies

Also referred to as a property buying company, quick sale companies have become quite popular in the real estate industry over the last few years. Using the conventional method of using estate agents is not always practical, and in such cases where selling your house quickly is a priority, companies like UK Homebuyers Limited are a great option. These companies offer services like a 7-day house sale or a time frame that works for you. Continue reading

Avoiding the Summer Slowdown When Trying to Sell Your Home

If you’ve ever sold a house before, you’ll know that estate agents often talk in hushed tones about the summer slowdown. From the end of June until September, sales are often at the slowest, with only the Christmas period having such poor sales volume. Unfortunately, most sellers can’t simply decide to wait three whole months to put their property on the market, so they’ll still need to attempt to sell, so how can you still sell during the summer slump? Continue reading

Getting Divorced? Here’s Why a Quick House Sale is Important

While the divorce rate is getting lower, around 40% of married couples will eventually split, and when this happens there are a lot of big questions that need to be answered. From custody to living arrangements, it’s important that everything gets sorted as smoothly as possible, with plans put in place so people can get on with their lives. The biggest asset most people own is their home, so selling your house quickly might be the top priority, as this can make it easier to split assets. Here’s why you might want to consider a quick house sale when you separate, and how it can make life easier. Continue reading

Reasons Why You May Need to Sell Your Home Fast

There are several reasons why people want to sell a house fast such as moving in with a partner, getting divorced or moving abroad. And if you have ever been in a situation where you need to sell a property fast, you will have experienced how frustrating it can be. Each day you hope and pray the right buyer will come along and offer you the right price. But selling your house quickly need not be a headache. UK Homebuyers Ltd, a cash buying property company, who specialise in buying properties quickly and can offer a seven-day house sale, have put together the below reasons why you may need speed up the sale of your property. Continue reading

Why You Should Sell Your House Quickly After A Divorce

It’s a sad fact now that 42% of marriages in the UK are ending in divorce, which is a very stressful situation for all concerned. If you own property together, this adds to the headaches as you need to decide what to do and sometimes the easiest thing to do is sell up and either pay off your remaining balance or split the amount. The only thing is that this can drag on if this house isn’t sold, and the longer it’s on the market the more it will weigh on you both. Here are a number of reasons why selling your house quickly is the best thing to do either during or soon after your divorce. Continue reading

4 Tips to Help Sell Your Home Quicker

When you put your house on the market, you want it to sell as quickly as possible and for a fair price. But with a sluggish market in some areas of the UK, you may be finding it a struggle to get people through the door or to get those elusive offers. Luckily, there are some tips for selling your house quickly that don’t involve needing large amounts of renovation or repair work, so here are a few simple things you can try. Continue reading

Should You Use an Online Estate Agent to Sell Your Home?

If you’ve watched TV recently, you’ll no doubt have seen large numbers of adverts for online estate agents. Promising low, or even zero commission fees, these estate agents are certainly becoming more visible, although only about 6% of properties in 2017 were sold through online-only agents. Making promises such as selling your house quickly and making it easier to get buyers to find you, there are bound to be more and more sellers using their services, but how do they stack up when compared to other options? Continue reading