When you put your house on the market, you want it to sell as quickly as possible and for a fair price. But with a sluggish market in some areas of the UK, you may be finding it a struggle to get people through the door or to get those elusive offers. Luckily, there are some tips for selling your house quickly that don’t involve needing large amounts of renovation or repair work, so here are a few simple things you can try.

De-clutter, but keep things cosy

One mistake that many sellers make is to remove all their clutter, but also remove anything that makes the house a home, making it feel cold and impersonal. Keep rooms clear and clutter-free, but make sure people can still envisage living there, for example, don’t have empty bedrooms without beds. Keep some photos and personal items on your shelves to show that your house is much loved.

Do those small DIY jobs

While an odd chip of paint here and there might not bother you, it can make your home look neglected. Finish those odd jobs such as:

  • Giving the house a fresh coat of paint
  • Filling in holes and chips
  • Replace cracked tiles and broken flooring
  • Clean limescale and grouting for a fresh look

However, some people don’t have time to do these sorts of jobs or may be selling an inherited or otherwise unwanted home. In these situations, you might want to consider a 7-day house sale through UK Home Buyers, as they can buy homes in any condition and won’t be worried about cosmetic damage.

Get planning permission

When you moved into your house, you may have had some big ideas such as loft conversions to extensions, but never got round to carrying them out. While you may not want to spend a lot carrying out this work, simply having the planning permission in place can be a big plus for many home buyers. For example, if they are looking for a house they can extend, they’re more likely to buy a place that has the permission granted already, rather than risking buying somewhere, then finding out it’s not suitable.

Look for alternative ways to sell your home

From looking for cash buyers only, to auctions and home buying specialists, there are lots of options when you’re looking for a quick sale. Selling your house for cash is easy when you approach a home buyer and means you don’t end up with big fees. Many homes are now sold via auction, especially those that aren’t mortgageable or need large amounts of work. However, it’s important to remember that when you sell via auction, the price isn’t guaranteed, although you can set a reserve. A percentage also needs to be paid to the auction house, so although quick, it can be a costly way to sell.

For a quick property sale, with turnarounds as short as 7 days, simply call UK Home Buyers on 0800 051 7645 to get an offer today.