Selling your home and moving abroad is a big step for anyone. You want to know that no matter how much you have spent on your home, you will get the most out of your property sale. Selling your home can be a time-consuming process and so many homeowners are happy to let their homes sit on the market for months and even years. But if you are looking to emigrate, you do not have that luxury. This is where UK Homebuyers can step in and selling your house quickly couldn’t be easier. As specialists in buying property, we offer the perfect solution. We can offer you cash for your home and even offer a seven-day house sale. Here is why you should enlist our help in selling your property when time is not on your side.

All properties are considered

At UK Homebuyers, we will consider all properties. This includes former council houses, those that would normally be considered un-mortgageable and those that have unusual designs. There’s no city quite like London but even in a city with a healthy vibrant property market, securing a house sale can be difficult. But the process at UK Homebuyers is straightforward and we can make all the arrangements required to buy your home and will even be able to offer a seven-day house sale. You can be assured you will get the best deal for your property than a London-based estate agent. To release the capital you need to make your dream move, call us today to discuss any of your property selling requirements.

Working to a tight timescale

You do not have the luxury of time on your side when you are considering moving abroad. Selling your property when you are under pressure can mean you accept a lower price for your home. But at UK Homebuyers we will offer you the right price you deserve as well as do our best to accommodate your schedule. You’re likely to have a date in your mind and once we have it, we can work around it. Our experts, who have forty years experience, will need to do some due diligence on the property before putting in a formal offer and completing the deal.

Save money on your property sale

Moving abroad is expensive so any extra costs that can be avoided are welcomed by homeowners. By working with UK Homebuyers, legal fees are paid for you and you will save money on estate agents fees. As a direct buyer, we have the funds ready and waiting. We offer fair prices on all types of properties, allowing you to focus on starting your new life abroad.

Sell your house fast with UK Homebuyers

UK Homebuyers are one of the leading property buying companies in the country and we’re committed to helping you. You can be assured of a friendly service, competitive rates and a quick sale. Simply Freephone 0800 051 7645 any time day or night and we’ll be happy to assist. Or, complete our contact form here, and we’ll get back to you.