It’s a sad fact now that 42% of marriages in the UK are ending in divorce, which is a very stressful situation for all concerned. If you own property together, this adds to the headaches as you need to decide what to do and sometimes the easiest thing to do is sell up and either pay off your remaining balance or split the amount. The only thing is that this can drag on if this house isn’t sold, and the longer it’s on the market the more it will weigh on you both. Here are a number of reasons why selling your house quickly is the best thing to do either during or soon after your divorce.

  1. To get rid of any unhappy memories

You probably had many good times together but it may be hard to remember right in the aftermath. The house you shared probably represents a place of pain and anger over the past few years and in order to move on, it’s better not to have to look at it every day.

  1. To ease the pain of happy memories

The other side of the coin is that divorce is ultimately painful. Perhaps the divorce itself is quite amicable but moving on isn’t so much. You realise that a new chapter starts here, but it can be easy to get nostalgic about all the happy times if you’re sitting around in the first home you bought together.

  1. To disconnect from the other person

If you want to be as far away from the other person as possible, and don’t want any contact with them, then the quicker you sell your assets and settle any outstanding commitments you both have, the better. Selling your house quickly allows you to make the break quickly and is a lot less painful than dragging it out if you want put distance between you.

  1. To start afresh financially

If you have paid off your mortgage then selling your house quickly allows you both access to cash quickly. This means that you are released from joint commitments and you can start over, even put a deposit down on a new place if you wish. It also means that you can both pay any joint bills that may be outstanding and move on without those hanging over your head.

7-day house sales

Depending on where you live, your house could remain on the market for up to 9 months and the longer a house remains on the market, the more difficult it becomes to sell as potential buyers wonder what is wrong with it. Homebuyers UK take that headache away from you and can arrange a quick disposal with some even as short as 7 days!

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