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UK Homebuyers Ltd is one of the UK’s leading cash buyers and a trusted member of the property ombudsman. If you need to secure a quick house sale get in touch with us today and receive a free no obligation cash offer!

Stop House Repossession with UK Homebuyers Ltd

The Easiest Way to Stop House Repossession

There might come a time that despite your best intentions, you fall behind with your mortgage payments and find yourself in arrears. This situation is far more common than you might think with homeowners across the UK and is nothing to be ashamed of.

UK Homebuyers specialise in providing homeowners with a fast and easy way to stop a repossession order, allowing you to sell your property and fulfil the obligations of your mortgage. If you need help with preventing the repossession of your home, call us today to speak to a member of our team.

Here at UK Homebuyers Ltd, we have the funds ready and waiting - we can buy your house in as little as 7 days.  We will instruct a firm of solicitors who are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulatory Authority who will contact your lender(s) and explain that you have sale agreed with a corporate cash buyer which will stop the repossession proceedings (in most cases). 

Helping You to Stop Home Repossession

If you are unable to continue making mortgage repayments, you will usually have two options. The first is to attempt to sell your home on the open market by going through an estate agent and hoping for an offer that is sufficient. The second is to allow your lender to repossess your property and use the value of it to offset your debt.

Our speciality is being able to guide you in exactly how to stop repossession of a house in as little as 7 days. We will instruct our solicitors to liaise with your mortgage lender on your behalf, telling them that a corporate cash buyer has agreed to purchase your property which will then stop repossession proceedings. The process is straightforward and can be completed within 7 days so get in touch with us today to prevent the repossession of your home.

Avoiding the Financial penalties of a Mortgage Repossession

Homeowners who are in danger of having their properties repossessed by a mortgage lender should seek to avoid this particular outcome because of the onerous financial penalties associated with a bank or building society repossession. When a financial institution forecloses on a mortgage and takes possession of the property that was purchased with the funds they made available, their sole objective is to recover these funds. What this means in practice is that they have no motivation to obtain a price for your home that exceeds the sum of money you owe them. By selling to a third party, you can stop a repossession order in its tracks and obtain a much fairer price in the process.

UK Homebuyers: Helping You Avoid Mortgage Repossession

The team at UK Homebuyers have helped many struggling homeowners prevent mortgage repossession across the United Kingdom. It isn’t important to us why you can no longer make your mortgage repayments but we will do all we can to help you avoid the repossession of your home, giving you the breathing space you need to get your finances back on track.

For more information on how to stop repossession of your home, get in touch with us today by giving us a call or by making use of the contact form on our website. You need to take action as soon as you receive your repossession order so don’t delay in making use of our services to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Our primary objective when dealing with clients threatened with foreclosure is to stop the repossession process and achieve an equitable outcome for all parties.

Thousands of homes bought nationwide!
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Protected by the Property Ombudsman

The lender may require confirmation that you have exchanged contracts with UK Homebuyers Ltd, which will not be a problem.  Don’t forget, we pay all your legal fees too!! 


We've helped hundreds of customers avoid house repossessions and settle their debts allowing them to move on with their lives. 


Why not get in touch today to discuss your situation with one of our property experts.  We will offer you a fair price for your property and move very quickly to ensure your property does not get repossessed.   


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Thousands of homes bought nationwide!
Thousands of homes bought nationwide!
OR CALL 0800 051 7645
Protected by the Property Ombudsman
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How to Stop Repossession of Your Property


Each year in Britain almost 100,000 families have their homes repossessed due to being unable to keep up with mortgage & secured loan payments. 

There are numerous reasons why people fall behind with mortgage and loan repayments such as, sudden loss of job, ill-health, divorce or other personal circumstances which are putting a strain on your finances.

Whatever the reason, the sale of your property is an option that you should seriously consider.  A quick house sale could pay off all your secured debts and any arrears / court costs that may have accrued.  Any surplus funds remaining after you have cleared your secured debts will be transferred directly into a bank account of your choice.  

Selling your house with UK Homebuyers Ltd couldn’t be simpler, and you could release you from your secured mortgage & loan debt in just 3 simple steps:

1. Get in touch by either using our contact us form, online submission form or call us on 0800 046 4033 and we will make you a free, no obligation offer within 24 hours! 

2. If you’re happy to proceed with our cash offer, we will instruct a firm of solicitors for you & we will pay their fees.  The solicitors will act on your behalf and will liaise with your lender(s) to take the hassle and stress away and make sure your property does not get repossessed.

3. Once the solicitors paperwork is complete, we will release the cash and complete the sale allowing you to move forward with the knowledge that your debt problems are over!


Repossession Proceedings


Though a lender can’t bring repossession proceedings against you for a single missed mortgage payment, they will typically get in touch following a trend of late payments or failure to pay. They will initially follow up through a letter or a telephone call to find out what your financial position is and to ensure that you have the funds available to pay outstanding payments and continue to repay the mortgage.

If you’re unable to pay back the arrears, or are in a position where you will be unable to continue making mortgage repayments, lenders typically offer a new payment schedule to allow you to get out of mortgage arrears within a set time frame.

If you are then unable to continue on the new payment plan, or if you’ve defaulted on 3 or more months’ worth of mortgage repayments, your bank or lender will typically threaten repossession.

Their solicitor or legal representative will demand that the mortgage arrears are paid in full within a set time-frame, and if the arrears are not paid within this time, your lender will take action to repossess your house.


How Does a Lender Repossess Your House?


Repossession motions will be submitted through County Courts by the lender and their legal representatives.

Your case will be heard in court, at a pre-determined date, and the outcome will depend on whether or not your mortgage lender has enough evidence to prove that you cannot repay the arrears.

If your lender has enough evidence to uphold the case, you will be issued with a repossession order, which states that the lender can repossess your home within 28 days.

If you do not vacate your home within 28 days of the repossession order, you will be served with an eviction order which will legally force you to leave your property immediately.


What Happens After Your House is Repossessed?


Your lender will have repossessed your house in order to sell it. They will add your property to their own insurance providers, but it is well worth checking to make sure you will not be held liable for maintenance or repairs to the property.

Although legally your lender is required to try and get the best possible price they can for your home, often lenders will sell at auction in order to secure a quick sale. Auction houses often sell for less than they would on the open market, which will leave you with significantly less money.

There are avenues you can pursue if you feel you have been treated badly by your lender, and can make a formal complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, who will investigate your claim.

Once the house has been sold, they will take what is owed from the proceeds of the sale and repay any other debts your house has accrued, for example if you used your property as security for another loan.

Anything left over will be paid to you, however in most cases homeowners will receive nothing and will often be left with more debt to pay off.


Stop Repossession With UK Home Buyers


Even if you already have legal repossession proceedings against you, we can still help. Stopping a repossession by selling your house fast is a far better option for you than voluntary repossession and will often leave your finances in a much better state.